October 13, 2010

Homemade Jello Playdoh + Candy Necklaces

{my camera is in the shop and we are officially a phone camera only household for now- bear with me!}

Today my little man has a buddy over and they decided they wanted to play with some playdoh. I only had one tub (a pink one at that, aren't I so nice?) so I told them we could make some so there would be plenty to share. I've always made my aunt's recipe but couldn't find it so I did a quick search and found this similar recipe. In the past I've added peppermint extract and food coloring to make a pretty and yummy smelling dough, but this recipe just calls for a box of jello to cover both bases. It only takes a couple of minutes on the stove and the one batch was plenty for my two busy boys- they sat and played for 45 minutes, so this "recipe" is a winner for sure! Keep leftovers in a baggie in the fridge and enjoy some cheap and easy fun!

{Update}- My friend Holly has a recipe to make homemade candy necklaces and they are adorable! Another fun project to do with the kids and add to my to do list... Check it out here.

Homemade Jello Playdoh 

1 cup white flour
1/2 cup salt
2 T. cream of tartar
2 T. Vegetable oil
1 c. warm water
1 three oz. pkg. jello (any flavor)


Combine ingredients and cook over medium heat until it thickens and pulls away from the sides of pot and becomes dull, about 3 or 4 minutes on my stove.

Note: it burns easily so don't put over too high a heat and keep stirring. Mold and knead until cool enough to touch. Store in a baggie in the fridge.


  1. The boys look like they are having fun with these!

  2. I LOVE your blog. I definitely going to try all your recipes!


  3. We love play dough here, too. I've never made the jello one. Fun stuff. Cute boys.

  4. I will be making this SOON! Must go get the cream of tartar first as we just moved and I haven't replenished my supply of this!

  5. I made this once when my son was two for a little playgroup class he was taking. It smelled so good we had to keep telling the kids not to eat it!

  6. How adorable! Don't you hate not having your good camera? It's a drag, isn't it? But you managed to convey the joy of Jello Playdoh successfully with just your phone. Very cute. :)

  7. Awesome recipe. I'm definitely bookmarking this for the future. Don't need it yet, as my little one is only 10 months old, but I know the day will come soon.

    I've started a new food blogging group that celebrates the printed cookbook. I'd love it if you joined us! www.cookbookloversunite.blogspot.com. It should be fun.

    Loving your blog--I have my eye on that Boston Cream Cake from your party. Yum!

  8. Just made it. Thanks Anne. Hopeing for lots of enjoyment.

  9. I use this recipe too but I always add a envelope of kool-aid. It does the same trick but cheaper