About Anne Strawberry

When I was little my Uncle called me Annie Banannie and I burst into tears. I told him I didn't like bananas (well, not much anyways) and he asked what a did like. I told him strawberries and my nick name was born. Strawberries are still my favorite food (that and lasagna... and cheesecake. There's my perfect meal!)

I'm married to my wonderful Tall Man and we have four children- one son ("little man") and three daughters ("baby strawberry", "the queen", and "darling".) If you're really interested in their names I can tell you we think the British monarchy has historically had lovely taste.

I graduated with a degree in Marriage, Family and Human Development. People usually ask what development is all about and I say it's a mix between Biology and Psychology. I love learning about people and really enjoyed my major. I worked at  PR firm after graduation until I had my little man. Now I stay home and "develop humans" as we like to joke. My husband also teases that I don't really stay home much- I'm usually at a playdate, Target, Safeway, roaming the mall, or hoping and praying to find a Le Creuset at Goodwill. I also love to buy/sell/redo furniture.

I love to cook and while the extent to my professional training was one awesome "Basic Food Prep" cooking class in college, I can make a mean brownie. I love to try new things and figure out how to combine nutrition, variety, and frugality into delicious meals for my family. My husband also has several dietary restrictions that keep me on my toes.

I've struggled a lot thinking about my blog- what's it for? Should I spend more time growing it? Of course some seasons in life are more suited to certain things and right now my life is focused on my children. Please forgive my inconsistent posts and comments. I'm glad to have a place to document a little piece of my life. And that's good enough for me. See me on Instagram at @anne.strawberry .

Well I guess that's a lot about me! Feel free to email me if there's anything else you'd like to know!


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