March 29, 2008

My favorite frosting

I have never really liked cake but I love making cakes and I LOVE frosting. This frosting is so good that I usually snack too much of it while making it to be able to stomach any of the finished product. My husband doesn't like cream cheese very much, but even he likes this frosting because the flavor isn't too strong, but it doesn't taste plain or shockingly sweet like some frostings made with just powdered sugar and liquid. This large batch will make enough to frost 2 9" cake rounds and fill in between the layers, or generously frost a batch of cupcakes. Use the big star tip and swirl for cupcakes as beautiful as they are tasty.

Cream Cheese Frosting

1 package of cream cheese, softened (I like to use Neufchatel, less fat and I don't notice much difference)
1/2 C. butter, softened (one stick)
2 T. milk
2 t. pure vanilla extract
dash of salt
6 cups of powdered sugar (more or less to achieve desired consistency, this is a baseline)
1 T. meringue powder

In a mixer with the whisk attachment, combine the cream cheese and butter until they are light and fluffy. Then add in the milk, vanilla, and salt, and blend.

Next, add the powdered sugar and meringue powder, cover the bowl of the mixer with a dish towel, and turn it on low until everything is combined. Then increase the speed for a minute or so until the frosting is light, fluffy, and delicious. The meringue powder will help set the frosting after it dries so it holds its shape.

Add 1 T. Lemon or orange zest and substitute juice for the milk to make a tangy citrus frosting


  1. Mmm...that cupcake looks YUMMY! Great recipe, I'll have to give it a try sometime. :)

  2. Thanks for the meringue powder link, I've wondered where to find it! The frosting looks delicious!

  3. The meringue powder tip is a great one, as I find European cream cheese just that much runnier! Thanks a bunch!

  4. I recently made this for a carrot cake and it was great! It tasted great and the consistency was nice. Thank you for the recipe!