March 28, 2008

Food Fights review

I just finished reading Food Fights by Laura Jana and Jennifer Shu and loved it! It's not exactly a recipe, I know, but I really recommend this quick and enjoyable read to anyone with kids. It covers a lot of common questions like "how much should my baby eat", "what if they won't eat any vegetables", and "what about the ten second rule?" The biggest question it answered for me is, "What is the difference between a bottle and a sippy cup and do I really need to wean my baby?" Their answer made a lot more sense than other things I'd read or what my pediatrician even said. And baby is happily off his bottle now, yay!

This book also talks about food allergies which is a big concern of mine since my husband can't eat watermelon, bananas, and a few other things I want my kids to be able to enjoy. I learned that only 2% of adults actually have food allergies (compared to the 25% who think they do), but a child of a parent with allergies has a 35% chance of developing them (it jumps to 75% if both parents do, yikes!).

I also thought the authors were pretty realistic in their approach and expectations without dumbing down their message and just telling you it will be fine if your kid never eats a vegetable again like some baby magazines do. Overall, I think this book helped me get a better understanding of what I can do now to help my son develop healthy food habits and get him off to the best start possible, while still letting him enjoy the occasional cookie . :)