April 1, 2012

Can you make a pie in 30 seconds? Me neither.

I like starting out a blog post with cupcakes- they just look happy (orange creamsicle cupcake recipe here). So, how have you been? It's busy at my house for some reason even though I really try to avoid that. Oh well. It's a happy busy and everyone is eating well over here. We watched the pie ninja's episode of Backyardigans Saturday and it inspired my son to ask to make pie. So, we made quiche for dinner and a lemon meringue tart for dessert. I tried a new crust recipe I ripped out from Gourmet a few years ago (couldn't find it online for some reason). In the Backyardigans episode, the pie master teaches his apprentice the secret to pie making- and they can make a pie in about 30 seconds. My son informed me that I must still be a pie apprentice because it took us a little bit longer than 30 seconds to make a clean up our pie extravaganza. I guess I still have a lot to learn, funny boy.

The winner of the MyBlogSpark Pillsbury giveaway is comment #5, Natalie. Please email your address and I will have the prize shipped out asap! Have an awesome week everyone and enjoy the beautiful spring weather!


  1. Haha a pie in 30 seconds? That's something I would love to try!
    Congrats to your winner :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  2. Who can make a pie in 30 seconds? Congratulations!