May 4, 2011

Wednesday Want- Strawberry Slicer

It's time for another Wednesday Want already, just in time for Mother's Day. There are plenty of lovely, expensive kitchen tools around that would be perfect for any mother but this one is cheap and especially wonderful for spring time. Can I tell you how excited I am about strawberry season? They're finally plentiful and inexpensive around here and I can't get enough. Typically, I was my berries (a pound or two at a time) in the colander then slice the top off with a paring knife. Then I line them up and slice them vertically with my beloved French chef (if one of my kitchen tools was my boyfriend, this knife would be it.) I am in love with my Cutco knives- especially since every time I send them in for complimentary sharpening, they replace one or two (free of charge!) They are sharper than you'd believe, though, as the scars on my hands will happily testify. I've drilled and drilled that fact into my little man and will have to tell him, and you, my "Pride comes before the Cutco knife" story when he's old enough to appreciate it. For now, he knows to stay away.

But since he's an eager and willing helper in the kitchen most of the time, I wanted a solution that would let him get involved. I've used an egg slicer to slice strawberries before but the flimsy wires break and stop working far too soon for a household that eats up strawberries like mine. This slicer, advertised to cut things like eggs and mushrooms, does a lovely job. I picked one up at Shar's for my mom the other day and will have to get another for my house. You can even use a little stem removing tool like this one from Chef'n or this traditional one (3 bucks at Shar's) and my four year old can go from fresh washed to beautifully sliced berries in no time. For under ten bucks, you really can't be that.

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  1. Anne ~

    I'm so glad you like your CUTCO knives! I work in the public relations department at CUTCO's corporate headquarters and I probably know the person who sharpened your knives when you sent them in!

    Enjoy those strawberries...the look delicious.

  2. How fun! I know we're supposed to eschew unitasking kitchen tools, but as the proud owner of a mango splitter and avocado pitter, not to mention a cherry pitter, I could see myself getting one of these!

  3. Woah, I've never seen one of these before! I just need new knives in general :)

  4. I do love my new strawberry slicer. It's quick and easy and every slice is perfect! Thanks Anne for keeping your eyes open and finding this great little tool.

  5. Have you tried the OXO strawberry huller? It's absolutely amazing!