May 25, 2011

Wednesday Want- Microplane

I'm back with the Wednesday Want finally (and provided my kids keep playing nicely, I'll even queue up a few more posts like I've been meaning to do!) My blogging break was inadvertent but with blogger going crazy and messing up my Google Reader to boot, I kind of stepped away for a while. It's good timing really with my brother's wedding coming in a couple weeks and all the craziness that comes with that, but it's time to crack the whip here. After all, no matter how busy we get, my family still insists on being fed!

Today's favorite tool is the Microplane. I can't remember how I was introduced to this baby but it was love at first sight. If you've ever tried to remove the zest (peel) from a piece of citrus you know how tricky it can be. The pith, the white layer under the colored peel, is bitter and should be left on the fruit. The Microplane is sharp enough to effectively remove the zest so you get all the great citrus flavor. It's also the best way to grate hard cheeses like Parmesan or to make chocolate shavings. Sometimes I use it for garlic (whatever you do, watch your knuckles- this baby is sharp!)

Most often, I use my Microplane when I'm making a citrus flavored frosting (usually lemon or orange). A little bit of fresh lemon zest brightens so many dishes- green beans, asparagus, simple cakes, even cinnamon roll dough. The flavor is often so subtle that you don't notice the citrus but the food just tastes brighter and better. Do you have a favorite use for a rasp grater? They come in a lot of sizes and I'm dying to add a few more to my collection...


  1. Rachael changed my life when she gave me one of these. I LOVE it, even though I have sacrificed a bit of flesh on occasion.

  2. I love, love, love my microplane. I've had the same one for about 10 years and I often wonder if I should break down and get a fresh one. But the old one is still doing a pretty good job! Zesting, nutmeg, does it all. True microplane confessions: to preserve the sharpness, I rarely wash it (unless I've just grated cheese). After nutmeg, I just tap it and put it away. I think it's working...maybe!

  3. Pampered Chef has a new small microplane that is perfect for citrus, nutmeg and ginger. I use my larger one for hard cheese.
    I think they do wear out. Get a new one and you will soon see how dull your old one was. Yes, the old one still works but the new one performs.I love my garlic press, it saves knuckles!

  4. I couldn't agree more, I use my microplane ALL the time. Those cinnamom rolls look amazing!

    I have some blog awards I would love to pass on to you. Would that be ok? I will have them on my blog later today (I hope!) if you're interested just copy and paste them to your sight, the rule are you have to mention the blog who gave them to you (linkback), say 7 things about yourself and pass them on.
    have a great day

  5. My microplane is probably the best thing that ever happened to me! I love it and used it frequently.

    ps. your cinnamon rolls look fantastic

  6. I love my microplane. It is awesome for zesting.

    I featured you over at my blog today on my Tuesday Ten post. I hope it is ok with you that I used a screenshot of your header with a few links to your site. Have a great week :)

  7. one of my favorite kitchen tools! I use it all the time for fresh grated Parmesan cheese...and I'm constantly zesting lemons and limes...and nutmeg!

  8. Big fan of the microplane here too! I love the colorful ones in your post. In addition to citrus and nutmeg, I love to hold my microplane over a steaming mug of cocoa and grate a dark chocolate bar on top of the whipped cream!