April 27, 2011

Wednesday Want- The Saucinator Whisk

Today's (super late) Wednesday Want features something that I really want for my own kitchen, and have yet to get my hands on! I went to a great cooking class at Shar's in Gilbert over the weekend. It was fun to see her demonstrate all the great pressure cookers, fun gadgets, and new recipes. It was not so fun walking away lusting after $300 pans. I did check out this new whisk, though, and can't wait to get my hands on one. It's called "The Saucinator" (silly but true) and it features coils on the bottom as well as a coil up the handle for extra efficiency. The bottom is also covered in silicone to prevent scratching of my pretty pan that I usually use for sauces. I was anxious to try this whisk after Shar effortlessly made a huge batch of gravy (no lumps!) but they were sold out. Amazon Prime to the rescue, it can be here by the weekend, ready to whip up a batch of pastry cream or maybe some strawberry pie filling. Around 7 bucks, it won't break the bank either. If only it came in red...

Have you used the saucinator before? Have a favorite amazing whisk? Please let me know in the comments!