Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday Want- French Rolling Pin

As I'm starting this new Wednesday Want tradition, I don't want you all to think, "sure, that would be great, but ____ costs a ton so oh well." I get enough of that feeling reading design blogs! Some of my favorite kitchen tools (like my beloved Empire Red) are pricey- but lots of them are not, thanks to awesome places like TJ Maxx, Ross, Target, and Amazon. So it is with today's item. I used to have a great marble rolling pin. It was pretty, heavy, too much money, and I was always afraid I would drop it on my foot. I can't remember why I ended up with one of these amazing French rolling pins but I haven't stopped buying them since (I needed a back up at mom's for when I'm making pie over there!) Unlike a traditional rolling pin, the French rolling pin is lightweight, nice and long, and doesn't have any handles to snap off when you are fighting to roll out a batch of dough. It's pretty and you can buy them with tapered ends or not. And even if you don't like to make pie or sugar cookies, there's so many great things to use it for. Here's some of my favorite-


PhotobucketChicken Piccata- I put the chicken in a baggie, cover it with a dish towel, and use the rolling pin to flatten it so it cooks nice and evenly. Don't use your wooden rolling pin to beat raw chicken, bleh!


They're about ten bucks on Amazon but mine came from TJ Maxx (about 6 bucks). The more you use it the prettier it will get- mine is a rich, golden color now and feels smooth and useful in my hand. After I've used it, I wipe it down with a clean, damp cloth and stash it away for next time. I'm still finding more uses and hope you will give it a try. Do you have a favorite kind of rolling pin? Am I the only one who loves hers enough to post about it?! :)


Chelsea said...

I totally want this too! I could really use a good marble rolling pin- mine is wooden and not the best :-/

Me! said...

I have a french rolling pin as well. I think I got it from walmart for fairly cheap, don't remember exactly how much. I like how easy it is to clean and it's smaller than most so it fits nicely in my drawer and leaves plenty of room for the rest of my junk

Jessica said...

Your little guy has great rolling technique! I have a French pin that does not taper - it's just a long stick of wood. My baby is always trying to make off with it and thump things with it. I'll have to keep my eyes open for an inexpensive tapered one, because I know it would make a difference. Have you seen those rings you can put on the ends to measure your dough thickness precisely? Pretty cool!

Aggie said...

I am happy to report I have a French rolling pin! Loved it when I first laid eyes on it!

Paula {Salad in a Jar} said...

Just like you, I had a marble rolling pin somebody gave to me. And it was HEAVY and hard to fit in my drawer because it was so big! But when I tried a french rolling pin, I was in love and immediately gave that marble one away.

Kelly said...

French rolling pins make a great addition to your kitchen. I make these and find that they work so much better that a traditional rolling pin with handles. You get a much better feel for the dough than you do with the traditional pin with handles.

You should treat them with mineral oil though, and use a little mild soap and water to clean. Then just wipe with mineral oil to treat again