July 25, 2008

Rhubarb and Vanilla Beans

Yesterday, I was innocently browsing the produce at the grocery story when I was suddenly caught off-guard by a shocking new presence. RHUBARB. That's right, after two weeks of checking every store I knew without success, I found rhubarb at the store down the street that I frequent at least twice a week (and usually more since we tend to run out of my son's favorite food group, MMMMILK as he calls it!)

Seriously though, why is it that things turn up when you don't need them anymore? At least if the urge to make another fruit dessert hits in the next little while I'll have a source.

Speaking of sources, does anyone know a good place to buy vanilla beans- online, in stores, whatever? I'm working on next week's Barefoot Bloggers Recipe and wasn't thrilled with the price at Safeway. Insider tips would be appreciated!


  1. Ebay! Ebay! Ebay! I buy mine from ebay seller - organic_vanilla. About 20-25 beans for $12. Great product and best deal IMO. HTH!

  2. I agree with ordering them online. I'm thinking the company I used is the same as CB's, because that's the price I paid, and they shipped through amazon. They arrived only a few days after I ordered them. I was extremely pleased with this company. Here's their website:


  3. ebay is the way to go. I got 1/2lb for $20 incl. shipping from The organic vanilla bean company. They also have a website you can order from too. Prices were about the same. Great quality Tahitian vanilla beans.

  4. I've always bought mine from Penzey's, but the price just took a huge jump, so I'm going to try ebay for the first time. It's time to start the vanilla extract!