July 20, 2008

Meme- Six Random Things

I told my husband that my friend Pamela had tagged me for a Meme and I asked him what six random things my "readers" needed to know. (I of course meant this sincerely and didn't know what to do because my "real life" people and my foodie friends both read this blog, so it's kind of a diverse audience!) Here are the first couple that came to his mind: "How about that you are six feet tall, you have a Schoodle for a dog, you like to cook, if you could be any animal you would be a strawberry, and you have an incredibly hot husband." Well there you go. In case that's not enough (and those things are all true except the being a Strawberry animal) here are six more.

1. I really admire Julia Child.
I remember the first time I saw her on TV and what she made. I feel a certain kinship with her because, as my husband brought up, I am six feet tall. I know height isn't necessarily something to bind people, but hearing about her trouble finding pants or fitting into tiny European spaces is something I can really relate to. Plus...

2. I love France.
I started taking French in ninth grade and had the best teacher of my life. He was a retired French military man and taught with discipline and precision. I learned so much and enjoyed his class so much that he inspired a love of language and culture I never thought I would find when I signed up for French 1 in junior high. I traveled to Paris for a summer session abroad after my first year of college and loved every minute, although I was love sick for my aforementioned hot boyfriend who I married later that year. (That's me on the left at Rodin's house in front of Le Penseur. I miss my long hair.), I have dreams of going to Paris together someday, and we just might when we go to Greece this fall to pick up my brother John who has been serving a mission there for our Church. A wonderful European vacation with my family is a big dream of mine.

3. I really (almost freakishly for a girl) like cars.
I know that isn't something I would bring up immediately about myself, but it is a random thing about me and pretty big part of our family since my Dad works in the car business and even met my mom while he was working at a car dealer. I've always had a fondness for BMWs and Pierce Brosnan sealed the deal for me with his 750 in Tomorrow Never Dies (though I wasn't crazy about the movie, I loved the car!). My Dad actually works at BMW now and I love it.

4. I'm seriously afraid I'll never have a daughter.
My husband is from a family of all boys and I always worry that I'll end up with six tall, hungry boys and no girl, though at least we'll have the common ground of a love of fine automobiles, right?! I love my son more than I can say. But I want a girl too! For a long time I've wanted to name my hoped-for daughter Paris, but due to celebrity shenanigans, my husband has strongly vetoed that. For now, in my imagination, her name is Kate.

5. My favorite color is RED.
Anyone who reads this blog regularly has probably seen gratuitous pictures of a certain red cake platter and KitchenAid, but I can't help it. I used to love blue and red was always my brother's favorite color (it was good for labeling, having each kid a different color you know) but when I was in High School I was surfing an awesome new website one day, GAP.com, and saw a red patent leather purse on sale. I bought it, then a pair of red shoes, and the rest is history. I suspect red will be my favorite color for the rest of my life.

6. I'm ridiculously afraid of creepy things- bats, snakes, lizards, most birds, bugs, etc.
For the most part, I like to think of myself as confident and strong, though that's clearly not the whole story. My husband teases me about being afraid of such little things, but he's good enough not to really torment me since he knows I'm so sensitive about it. That being said, once, in my cooking class in college, I cut up a whole chicken while the rest of my group sat at watched. After I finished, one girl said, "Thanks for doing that. I was really afraid to touch it when it was, you know, a whole chicken. That was pretty sweet." I had to laugh, since I might be big and strong about some things, but I am certainly super squeamish about anything slightly creepy. Cutting up a chicken, though, is no problem, though touching a live chicken would be way too much for me. I guess my brood of boys will cure that!

So, that's me. Hopefully you had a little laugh about some girl being afraid of birds and loving her Red KitchenAid. I'm not going go tag anyone specifically, but I'd love to read your Meme if you want to share! Leave me a comment if you do.


  1. Hey! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your 6 random things. Looking at the pic on your blog, I would have guessed you were some petite little thing. Guess I'm wrong there! I recently finished reading Julia Child's "My Life in France" and I really enjoyed that book. Before my 2 boys, I told my husband that I "knew" we were only going to have girls...and I was wrong. And I would have bet money that my second was a girl. When they said "it's a boy", you can hear me on the video tape say "a Boy???" I was just surprised that I was wrong...but happy he was here. No more babies for us, though and my little Grace will have to live in my dreams. :o) I hope you get the daughter you are waiting for!! Thanks for playing!

  2. Hilarious! It's so fun to get to know you-you tall gorgeous squeamish happily married red lovin' Julia Child's admiring boy surrounded car loving woman!

  3. Stumbled upon your blog through Pamela and just thought I'd say I like your blog. I don't know how old your boy is, but hurry and have another one, I don't even know you and I'm anxious to see if you have a boy or girl next.!
    By the way, I'm LDS, too. And I have four boys--also my husbands fault. He's 10th of 11 kids, three older siblings of his have all boys, one has six, one has four and recently adopted a girl from Taiwan and another has four boys! We joined the ranks and have four boys, but as much as I've always wanted and thought I'd have a girl or two, I'm done--there comes a point when you just have to stop, because of the sanity issue! ;)
    Excited to keep reading your blog. You food looks yummy.

  4. Oh, Anne, you'll have a daughter! Well, I can't promise you anything, but I hope you do! :o) I liked reading about some of your sillinesses. You're fun.