May 30, 2008

"I have been changed for good..."

My husband laughs at how much I've gotten into cooking blogging, and while I tease it's just something I do to "feel more like a woman and less like a mommy", I really love cooking and blogging about it.

When I came home with a 4 pound bag of bittersweet chocolate and a mega pack of butter, though, I knew blogging had finally gotten to me. I justified it by saying buying little portions every week for whatever recipe was chosen was less economical. Whatever, that's a TON of chocolate, and I know it's not going to go bad (especially with Dorie's preference for bittersweet!)

There is an article about cooking blogs on WSJ right now and it mentions Tuesdays with Dorie... Here is an excerpt:

...A typical attitude is that of Laurie Woodward, the Pittsburgh mom who runs "Tuesdays With Dorie," devoted to "Baking," the latest cookbook by Dorie Greenspan, one of country's most popular baking writers and a master of American and French classics.

"Dorie is like a god to a lot of bakers," says Ms. Woodward. "And she is so nice about checking in on our blog. Sometimes, she even posts something on it, and everyone goes nuts when she does."

Ms. Greenspan said in an interview that she is, indeed, charmed by the blog and considers such sites to be part of the new Web world in which professional food writers like herself are learning to work.

So my question is... how has blogging changed you- have you been "changed for good for good" like they say in Wicked? Do you eagerly anticipate Tuesdays to see what everyone made for TWD? Do you want your photos to be awesome like Peabody's someday? Have you been bitten by the cooking bug and corrected the clerk at the deli counter about the internal temperature poultry should be cooked to? No... that didn't happen to me... and if you're reading this deli girl, 140 is not acceptable for chicken! :)


  1. I just had a similar experience. I ordered an entire kilogram of cocoa powder... and what's worse, I spent $30 on cocoa powder! But I'm still pretty much at peace with it. I think that's the biggest change.;)

  2. HAHA! I have never bought so much butter in my life! Before we barely used butter, maybe 2 cups a month if that but now I go through 2 cups a day/week? EEP! Its crazy but after I got married, I got bit by the nesting bug and I wanted to learn to cook and bake more. I love Tuesdays! Its quickly become my favorite day. Its not just about the baking, blogging but I've truly met some amazing people (Anne Strawberry included!) and the camaraderie is my favorite part. I knew I was a goner when I reached for the 10lb sugar bag at Costco and didn't blink an eye! Hey, my husband aint complainin' so its all good! :)

  3. Oh my, I should start thinking about buying chocolate in bulk. I buy little 3.5 oz bars of the good stuff and since I've been blogging and making more desserts, I go through a lot of them! Other than the experience I've gained in the world of desserts, I'm most happy that I now own a 9" tart pan (that I got after joining TWD). As for other bulk items, though, I have always kept at least five pounds of butter in my fridge, and I buy bread, whole wheat and rye flour in 50 pound sacks and keep them in a hollowed out shelf in my bedroom. I might have to start buying ap flour this way too now that I think about it... I like my baking, you know? :)

  4. I just counted on Saturday and I have about 20 sticks of butter in the freezer. I buy it whenever it's on sale, and I designate one stick in the fridge to be used by my husband - everything else I put in a ziploc and wriate 'AMY'S BAKING BUTTER.' He thinks I'm nuts. I also buy the jumbo size bag of semi-sweet chips at Costco, and would totally buy those Ghiradelli's if they sold them up here. You're right, it's much more economical to buy tons of the common ingredients when they're on sale.

  5. i always buy sugar, butter, and chocolate chips in bulk now. it's sad how much butter i go through now that i am part of TWD and DB! i would love for my photos to be as beautiful as Peabody's - my hubby complains about how i spend too much time photographing my food before we get to eat it! :P

    but i thoroughly enjoy it and plan to be blogging for much much longer...

  6. I absolutely love looking at everybody's pics and some in my family say that I am addicted. I think it is a good outlet and a fun way to connect with people with my same interests. Don't even get me started on wishing my pics looked like Peabody-man!