April 10, 2008

Click April 2008 Photo Entry- Au Naturel

Last month I saw a few links to this contest and loved checking out the pictures. When I saw this months theme, "au naturel", I knew just the picture. The original link to this photo is here.

I live in Arizona and have several citrus trees. When I went to grab a few oranges one morning in January, I reached in for a nice, juicy looking one, and was shocked to find this orange. It was split in half with two colors- one side looking like a traditional orange, and the other more the color of a grapefruit (one side also tasted better than the other!) No joke. I have not touched up or modified the color of this orange at all.

This strange, unique orange is "au naturel" and I've never seen one like it, ever. It's just a reminder to me of how beautiful and unpredictable nature is.

*Photo taken with my Nikon D50 with an AF-S Nikkor 18-55 MM Lens*


  1. the perfect symmetry of colours is so neat. love the picture. thanks for your entry.

  2. Gorgeous. You didn't tell me it tasted different! That's insane. BTW, we need to get together and talk lenses...I'm going to do it (not the $700-it, the $200-it) and there are two different ones. I'm just not sure about the letters in the name of each. :o)