May 13, 2013

A busy kitchen!

Well it's no secret that the Anne Strawberry Kitchen has not lived up to it's potential lately. But, I was very busy baking up a very special treat- a sweet new baby girl! She's a perfect little pretty with the nicest snuggles and the sweetest personality (must have been all those chocolate chip cookies I craved). She's 2 months old now and I'm finally baking and {more importantly} making decent dinners again most nights. She definitely sapped my baking mojo while I was pregnant and I went weeks at a time without using my KitchenAid- a sad first for me!

I have missed my little corner of the blogosphere a lot, although it's kind of awkward to figure out how to break back in. I'm not taking gorgeous pictures of cupcakes very often though I still have dreams about new baked goods to invent and try out and love seeing what my friends are cooking. I'll try to post as often as I can and remember that this is still my favorite way to save and share my most loved recipes, even if it's not as fancy and perfect as I'd like it to be. Perfectionism is tricky, friends! Hopefully... I can remember that it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful (or delicious).

Speaking of fancy and amazing food blogs, a few of my favorites are really great lately...

I always love finding new blogs and seeing what my favorite bloggers and reading and enjoying. Let me know if you have someone I should be following (while we still have Google Reader, right?)

We had a perfect Mother's Day yesterday and I've had a few Facebook friends request the trifle recipe I made. Since I just threw yummy things together until it looked right I'll work on making an actual recipe and get that up tomorrow hopefully. Until then, happy baking (and let me know if you have a suggestion for my sweet baby's new blog nick name! I hadn't thought about that until just now!)


  1. She looks like a Sweet pea to me.

  2. Congratulations, Anne! She's beautiful :) Thanks for the mention, you're too sweet!

  3. Congratulations!! She's adorable!


  4. She is darling! I have to say that I was SO excited to see a post of yours pop up on my reader. :) And thanks for the love! Right back atcha!