November 11, 2009

Meeting the Pioneer Woman (and her Chicken Pot Pie)

Last week my mom and I went to see the Pioneer Woman at her Phoenix book signing. I couldn't believe how many people were crammed into the little book store! Fortunately, we found a seat and enjoyed chatting with some great people while we waited. When she came out the room erupted in applause and that kept happening all night! My daughter was pretty scared by the noise but she must have enjoyed Ree, because she didn't cry once and was cute and smiley and even met her sister, Missy.

Ree answered some fun questions. My favorite came from a little girl who asked, "Do you have elephants?" Ree just said, "No Honey, but I think I need them!" Then someone asked if she minded that everyone was in love with husband. She didn't. Someone else asked how she keeps in such great shape with all the butter in her recipes, she just laughed and said she works at it like the rest of us (I thought in my head, portion control, and working a ranch, come on!) She was really funny and down to earth. After she finished answering questions they called up the A group for signing and said those with little kids could come up too so they could get to bed. I booked it to the front and was the third in line. I thought that was really sweet of her. I was in group L on my ticket and there were 30 for each letter!

(pic from PW- see me there, just barely?)

So now I'm sure you're wondering about my really high quality pictures. I didn't want to bring my big camera since I had my baby strawberry to carry and wanted to pack light. So I meant to ask my mom to bring her purse camera but forgot in all the stress (newborns always want to eat at the most inconvenient times) and so all I had was my cell phone. When Ree was signing my book, I asked the girl behind me to take our picture and it didn't work. By the time I realized it was too late and I was so disappointed. My mom told me to go ask Missy, her sister, if she would take another so I did. Missy held my little cutie and it all worked out.

Ree was really sweet while she signed my book. She asked how old my baby was (seven weeks I said, and this is her first big thing- she hasn't even been to Church yet!). Then she asked if she was my first. I told her about my little boy and she said, "Yeah, I can tell from the way you're holding her over your arm, you aren't too nervous." "I have to chase a toddler all day, I need all the hands I can get I told her!" I think she understood that.

So all in all, the signing was a lot of fun. We at great food at Wildflower Bread Co next door (Butternut Squash salad with Gorgonzola and a Cranberry Balsamic Vinaigrette and Potato soup), enjoyed listening to PW, and got some new material for our upcoming meals. I'll post them as we try them.

Check out her book on Amazon. I love having her great recipes at my finger tips and seeing all the photos of her life that seems so different from mine (minus the butter... we both like to use that!)

I thought I'd make dinner out of here for a while and here is the first recipe- Chicken Pot Pie. It came together in a flash and was flaky and filling. Perfect.

For better directions than I'd ever be able to give (people, I have about 15 minutes a day without a child physically attached right now, I can't take all those process photos and get in a shower) visit Ree.

Notes on the Recipe-

I made one batch and was able to make two "Marie Calendar's" size pot pies (I love those tins- the right size and no worries if you lose one- and my husband brings them home from work all the time, since I don't buy pie!)

Instead of adding the peas with the other veggies, I added them after the filling was all cooked. I think that keeps them greener and prettier and I'm kind of vain like that. I also added extra carrots since I LOVE them. Sorry about the crappy action shot. We were hungry and in a hurry to watch Transformers 2 from Netflix. We should have slowed down and enjoyed the pie, it was better than the movie. Really really.

Lastly, I used my favorite "cooking wine" with a dash of white wine vinegar. In honor of PW, I even took a picture (or asked my mom too, she's a budding food photographer I think, don't you like the shot of the pie with the heart on it?)

More PW woman recipes coming soon! And happy Veteran's Day! Today we're arranging the nursery, eating cinnamon swirl french toast, and enjoying my husband's day off. Hope yours is great, too!


  1. Looks so fun and that cutesy tootsie little baby ---- oooh! :) I'm going to the book signing in Chicago next week, looking forward to it!

  2. How cool! I'm hoping she'll make it to New England, but who knows. I like your "cooking wine" - I'm thinking of ways to use up surplus baby food sweet potatoes, since my son is already moving past the purees at 7 months! It goes so quickly with #2...

  3. So fun!! What a great experience. THanks for sharing. Love your cooking wine idea. Totally need to steal that one!

  4. How lovely! I am new to Ree's blog, but I will have to read it more often. Your bubba is adorable!! Congratulations!

  5. What fun!! I am hoping to go to the one in nashville in December! :) Love your sweet little strawberry!

  6. How cool to me the Pioneer Woman! I love the pot pie-great dish that everyone in my family loves.

  7. I was so excited to read your post today as the PW is coming here in 3 weeks and I have my calendar marked and wondering what to wear to meet her. You would think I was meeting the Queen..well she is the Queen of the cowboy set:) I just saw the book yesterday at the store and it looks like a whole lot of photos and stories too. I hope she bring Marlboro man with her instead of her sister:) Your baby is such a Q T Pie and it was wonderful that they let women with kids go first. I think that must be her idea but it is a good idea. I think I will bring my GS so that I do not have to wait forever:)

  8. still so jealous that I couldn't go! so fun!

  9. I was there too! I think I remember seeing you and your baby in line for the signing. My friend I was with is pregnant with twins and played the pregnancy card to get us seats as it was just about standing room only by the time we made our way through the store. It was such a fun night! The elephant comment was by far my favorite as well.

  10. I just found your site when I was googling PW's Chicken Pot Pie. I have the book, but was looking for a link so I could send it to a friend. (too lazy to type it out).

    I JUST made it tonight. I had everything but chicken. (can you imagine???). Almost didn't make it then decided to substitute the 2 cups of chicken with 2 cups of diced potato. So it was a veggie pot pie. OH DEAR. It was to die for and I can only imagine how much better it will be with chicken.

    ANYWAY, love your blog...will be back:-)

  11. I'm finally getting to read blogs!

    My last post was about PW. It was a great visit. I haven't gotten into making anything yet, but I do love looking at all the pretty pages!

  12. Very cool! She isn't coming to Vegas (boo hoo!) Lucky you!

    My favorite cooking "wine" has been apple juice :) If white grape juice wasn't so pricy, I might use it too. I'll have to look for some Gerber coupons and a sale, maybe. . . .